Anyone Comics isn’t just a comic book store.
It’s a hub located in Brooklyn for artists and comic fans!

We are open again! Please wear masks and observe social distancing. If you want to limit contact feel free to order from our online shop. Shop Here!

We are also offering contactless delivery via curbside pick up or bike service, so please call the shop or E-mail us if you’re interested!

Latest News

12 Hour Comics and a 4 Year Anniversary!

From the desk of John Jennison Greetings fellow artists! What a long strange year it's been! We miss you! It’s...
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We made it through to the Labor Day sale; 20% off purchase!

I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. Traditionally, Labor Day is the day of the West Indian Day Parade...
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Over the last few months, we've been keeping busy and have been trying to respond to everyone's questions We've been...
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We are doing well. How are you?

I haven't written one of these in a while because we've been so busy. Our business was growing and then,...
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Anyone Comics is open on Christmas!!

Instead of a discount we are straight up giving you free graphic novels as presents!
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You guys want horror comics! We got them

    Do you want to get in the mood for Halloween? No? Then you can ignore the rest of...
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Dimitri’s Excellent Adventure

The store opened up 2 and a half years ago, and I didn't think I would be away from it this soon.
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Jimmy Olsen #1

I'm calling it now: this book will spawn at least 3 memes during it's run.
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Marilyn Manor #1

“When am I gonna be able to throw a rager in the White House ever again?”
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Happy World Pride Day!

Cameron Wallace is a comic artist (Emanata #4 available now) and a participant of the last 24 Hour Comics. I know him for always buying books with great art and with a cognitive approach to representation for both people of color and the LGBTTQQIAAP+
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